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    • Nigeria Energy

      Nigeria Energy

      Exhibit Profile : Nigeria Energy, formerly Power Nigeria, exhibition and conference is the leading energy event in West Africa. After eight successful annual editions, Nigeria Energy has been rebranded, from Power Nigeria, to reflect the ...
      Date : 2023/09/19 ~ 2023/09/21
      Venue :
    • International Fastener Expo

      International Fastener Expo

      Exhibit Profile : The International Fastener Expo is North America’s most extensive business-to-business trade show for all types of fasteners, machinery & tooling, and other industrial products. IFE is the largest fastener event In North America ...
      Date : 2023/10/09 ~ 2023/10/11
      Venue :
    • Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair 2023

      Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair 2023

      Exhibit Profile : The Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair -the largest annual fair and business platform of the packaging industry in the Eurasia region- will be held for the 28th time at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center located in Büyük?ekmece, ...
      Date : 2023/10/11 ~ 2023/10/14
      Venue :
    • International dental exhibition

      International dental exhibition

      Exhibit Profile : DENTALEXPO is a brand uniting the world's largest network of exhibitions for dentists. DENTAL-EXPO and DENTAL SALON are the largest events of the dental industry in Russia, included in the top ten world exhibitions.
      Date : 2023/11/01 ~ 2023/11/03
      Venue :

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